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If you choose to pay by personal check, please notify VMS that this is your method of choice. We will then order a payment coupon book for you from Truist. Truist will mail the coupon book directly to you. It will take approximately two weeks for your coupon book to arrive in the mail.

The check should be made payable to the Association Name. You can then either mail your check to Truist’s lockbox address in Florida (Mailing labels will be included with you coupon book.), or you can deliver your check in person to any Truist branch location (formerly BB&T). In either case, whether mailed in or hand-delivered, ALL CHECKS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PAYMENT COUPON. TRUIST WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY PAYMENTS WITHOUT A PAYMENT COUPON.

Or, you can mail the check, made payable to the Association Name, to:

(Association Name)
c/o VMS Management Services
18484 Preston Road
Suite 102, PMB 192
Dallas, TX 75252

On the check memo line, please include your Unit # and/or Bill Pay # (listed on next page)


Have HOA dues automatically debited from any U. S. financial institution. With this method, you authorize Truist to automatically deduct your monthly HOA dues from your personal bank account. Payments will be deducted from your account on the 3rd of each month, or the next business day after the 3rd if that date falls on a holiday or weekend. Enroll online through the 25th of the month to be effective the next debit month.

  •  Go to
  • Go to Association Pay (ACH) section
  • Click the “Pay Now or Enroll” link
  • Your Bill Pay number and Serial number are provided on next page
  • Enroll each obligation separately

For help with Truist’s website, contact their Association Services at: 888-722-6669 or 727-549-1202


With this method, you instruct your personal bank to pay Truist online. Go to your bank’s website and follow their directions for paying bills online.

Below is information needed in setting up your online bill pay to Truist:
Payee Name: (Association Name)
Payee Address: PO Box 628207, Orlando, FL 32862
Payee Phone: 888-722-6669

Account Number: (Use bill pay account number provided below)

Do not add any other letters, numbers or identifying words in the account number area.


(NOTE: All credit or debit card transactions will incur a convenience fee by Truist)

  • Go to
  • Go to the Pay Now Online section
  • Select “Pay Now or Enroll”
  • You Bill Pay number and Serial number are provided below

For help with Truist’s website, contact their Association Services at: 888-722-6669 or 727-549-1202

Note:  Please call VMS Management Services at 972-726-9000 for the bill pay number and serial number that corresponds the property name, address and unit number.